Delta Strike Invests into Enhanced Customer Support Software

Since 2015 Delta Strike Laser Tag has used a customer support ticketing system called Freshdesk. This software has allowed us to monitor customer service conversations and work with our clients to resolve certain types of issues
Delta Strike has always put customer satisfaction and efficiency at the top of our values. As our business has grown, so has our need to organize and handle customer support systems and protocols. We are pleased to announce the next progression in the Delta Strike Laser Tag support department.
As of this week, Delta Strike is migrating from our previous Freshdesk system to the more advanced Zendesk platform.
Delta Strike switches to Zendesk
“We have been looking at switching for quite some time now. It has been a lengthy process and investment that we were ready to make for our customers. This new platform will allow us to quickly handle customer issues and become more proactive with our efforts in development. The advanced reporting system Zendesk uses will drastically change our efficiency and aid our progress as a company. We think our customers will be just as excited about this change as we are.”
-Global Installation and Support Manager, Danny Hernandez
Why does this matter?
The Delta Strike support team has representatives to cover every time zone across the globe, so efficiency matters. This new system will give us the firepower to decrease response time, better educate clients, and prepare for future growth.
Customers can log in to the new system here.
Check out some of our FREE downloads Here.