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Gameplay Redemption

Delta Strike’s award winning Genesis Laser Tag equipment can now be integrated with all the major arcade play card systems. Integration provides a number of benefits for FEC operators. Genesis Pro systems have a built-in RFID card reader which allows customers to tap and pay to play with their arcade play card. The system also loads their name into the phaser for gameplay. During the game players can earn credits on their playcard for game ranking, score and by interacting with Delta Strike’s industry leading video Base Station.

Redemption Benefits

  • Increased revenue from repeat play: Gameplay redemption encourages players to come back for more, as they can earn credits to redeem for prizes or discounts on future games.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Gameplay redemption adds an extra layer of excitement and competition to the laser tag experience, making it more enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Differentiated offering: Gameplay redemption helps FEC operators to differentiate their laser tag offerings from the competition.
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Arena Experience

Adding interactive rewards to gameplay

Delta Strike’s Video Base Stations are equipped with the largest screens in the market. Intuitive with striking graphics, they add highly engaging gamification elements to the laser tag experience. Through arcade play card integration they offer players the opportunity to earn instant in game arcade play card credits.

Mitchell Lovett - Head of Development

“The key consideration when implementing system integrations is ensuring the gamification elements are simple and fun to embrace for players of all ages and experience levels. The easier it is for the players to adopt the in-game features the more it enhances the game experience and encourages repeat play which is ultimately what every operator is looking to achieve from their attractions”.

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