Laser Tag Remote Control

Delta Strike’s new remote – fast and dedicated to the purpose

Fast, dedicated to the purpose, and intuitive to operate.

Staff is now free to interact with customers instead of a computer. With less than two minutes of training, your operators can start and stop games!

Wireless Game Control
You can control the game and players equipment from anywhere in your center.

LCD Touchscreen
Display live game information as well as multilevel menu options.

Infrared Pack Control
Sweep across players to change team colors and reset the equipments.

Marshall Functionality
Operators can use the Marshall mode in the arena to pause, start, and stop player’s equipment.

Quick Color Change
Change packs up to 9 (PRO System) colors direct from the remote control.

Why the Remote is so Important?

Imagine 30 players all excited about their upcoming game – the noise can be overwhelming Crowd Control is essential!

Many centers rely on a computer to process games – not good! A computer separates players from the operator and increases delays.

Delta Strike’s remote, allows staff to interact freely with customers. With less than two minutes of training, your operators can start and stop games with no problems!

Start a game in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Step 1: Select the “Sleep All” option – This ensures only players wearing a vest will be included in the upcoming game.

Step 2

Step 2: Select the “Game” option – This selects what game is played as well as automatically assigning team colors.

Step 3

Step 3: Select the “Start Game” option – This starts the game and automatically activates the equipment, special lighting, music, haze machines, etc.

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