Planet lazer sales grow 34%

Report on laser tag business renovations prove to be profitable through Delta Strike

Sales were up over 34% in the one year. Thank you guys so very much!! I wish I had done it way sooner. We’re so happy, and our customers are LOVING the new upgrades….we just did renovations to the arena as well – so everything has changed – the business has been here 23 years, and people are having a brand new experience with us now.

from Planet Lazer Kelowna

PLANET LAZER ™ combines hide & seek with hi-tech heart-pounding fun. Up to 32 players move and hide in our 2 level 6,000 square foot award-winning arena. Players (All ages welcome!) earn points as they tag their opponents electronic Pack and Phaser, while they avoid being tagged. As they move through the obstacles, black lights, cool graphics, fog, specialty lighting and futuristic music the pack speaks to the player and tells them what is happening throughout the game.

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