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First, how it all started

At first, when former telecommunications engineer and entrepreneur Doug Willems celebrated his bachelor party at a Laser Tag venue in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2002, he could never have imagined this fun occasion would lead to him establishing a global brand, Delta Strike.

“The Laser Tag operation was in the same building as the gym I used to go to. About a month after my stag night, instead of turning right to go to the gym, something told me to turn left and chat to the owner of the Laser Tag business instead.”

Next, New ideas, New innovations

After that, he could see the laser tag business had become a little tired but was still running successfully.

“Meanwhile, I asked the owner if he’d thought about selling the Laser Tag Center, and he said he already had it on the market. As a result, It all started from that point. Most important, three months later, I was running a laser tag business.”

Eventually, it wasn’t long before Doug realized that the Laser Tag industry as a whole was in need of some new ideas and innovations, particularly when it came to the system and product design.

“Without a doubt, the laser tag systems back then were pretty old with equipment manufactured using analog rather than digital technology. Of course, I could see the potential to design a superior Laser Tag system, so I recruited Dave Lowe (who later became a director of the company), a skilled young engineer straight out of the University of Canterbury. Thus, the two of us set out to create a new system for our center, with the idea of re-selling it at some stage in the future.”


Genesis Laser Tag Equipment were the IAAPA winner in 2019 as the best new product concept

The recognition was an unexpected and welcomed surprise that added to the level of excitement of IAAPA. The attention also gave our team a morale boost for all the hard work put into launching Genesis, our professional laser tag set. We welcome you on our journey to introduce the next generation of professional laser tag set into centers worldwide.


Delta Strike was the winner at NZ Hi-tech Awards 2014

Today, Delta Strike systems are used in successful commercial laser tag gear for sale worldwide. Moreover, with numerous industry firsts already under their belt, including the Video Base Station, the coming years will see the Delta Strike team continue to reinvent the Laser Tag industry.

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