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The IAAPA Winner 2019 – Best New Product Concept

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Arena Components

Video Base Station

How does a player know what to do when they see a Video Base Station?
Easy! All the information is on the screen!

With high-definition graphics, colorful videos, and punchy audio, customers genuinely love the Video Base Station!

Delta Strike’s Video Base Station delivers a whole new set of video game-style features into the arena.

Get special abilities to pick up special items.
Get extra points
Respawn Stations
Reload Ammunition
Capture game items for their team
Laser Tag Arenas just got a lot more intelligent!
Video Base Station VBS - Laser Tag
HEX Base Station - Laser Tag

Hex Base Station

The Hex Base Stations are brighter, louder, bigger, and provide more game-play interactivity than our previous Acrylic Base Station.

Uniquely, each arm can be tagged individually, providing a game-within-a-game functionality.

Get special abilities to pick up special items
Respawn stations
Time bombs
Base station capture games

Energy Gate

Delta Strike’s Energy Gates uses high-intensity light beams to create virtual illuminated doorways in the arena. These “gates” can be lit with any of our standard game colors.

Energy Gates are multi-purpose. For instance, illuminated red will allow the red team to go through unaffected while blue players will be tagged.

Set traps to tag players
Respawn Stations
Reload Ammunition
Base station capture games
Smart Target - Laser Tag

Smart Target

The new Smart Targets are wall-mounted modules that communicate with the gaming software via WIFI.

Depending on the game being played, they have many modes of operation, including:

Get special abilities to pick up special items.
Get extra points
Respawn Stations
Base station capture games

Micro Target

Micro Targets are one of the essential additions to interactive arenas. Yes – they are small and straightforward. Nano targets were perfect for size for installing into the eyes, creating a believable and interactive prop.

Players can now earn extra points by tagging a nano target whenever they see one.

Get extra points
Nano Target - Laser Tag

Laser Tag Arena

Delta Strike has been involved in many laser tag installations. Theme parks require laser tag on steroids by demanding these systems and arenas be ultra interactive and highly theme, including a creative storyline woven into the gameplay.

These installations demand incredible reliability and the ability for very high throughput.

In today’s multi-attraction facilities, this level of interactivity is also expected! As a result, facilities are looking for a highly themed interactive environment to immerse their customers into the experience.

Our Arena Components are designed “theme park tough” with the ability to meet the high-quality interactive environment of your laser tag arena!

More than 450 sites worldwide using our system!

Main Event
Urban Air Adventure Park
Surge Entertainment
Royal Caribbean
Big Cedar Lodge


How much it cost to set-up a laser tag business?
Laser Tag can get you earning income with as low as $80,000 start-up costs! When compared, this is less than a quarter of the cost to set up most bowling, trampoline, or karting businesses.
Why Delta Strike?
Delta Strike has been developing laser tag products for business for almost 20 years. Delivering high-quality products, amazing reliability, with more than 450 customers worldwide.
Laser Tag ROI?
Laser Tag offers one of the fastest ROI’s in the family entertainment industry. With revenues ranging from $95 to over $200 per square foot, it is hard to find a comparable attraction!
Do I get free support?
With the help of our numerous online support & training resources, you will be able to fix any minor issue yourself. In the unlikely event, you are unable to resolve an issue. Our 24-hour support technicians are just a call away.

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