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First, welcome to our download center for free, invaluable documents and information about setting up and
operating a laser tag business.  In brief, these documents have been compiled after years of extensive laser tag, and entertainment industry research.

Delta Strike Brochure


Beginning with our full length, updated laser tag product brochure. Moreover, we leave nothing out and go into great detail about all the different state of the art products and options Delta Strike has to offer your laser tag business. Overall, everything from arena targets, Delta Strike Phaser breakdowns, and examples from the laser tag industry can be found in this downloadable PDF.

Getting Started

Six success factors for a winning laser tag center

Six Success Factors for a Winning Laser Tag Center

An Insider's Guide to Creating a Winning Laser Tag Center

An Insider’s Guide to Creating a Thriving Laser Tag Center

White paper: Selecting your laser tag location

White Paper: Selecting Your Laser Tag Location

Type of Laser Tag Centers

Maximizing the laser tag opportunity in a Family Entertainment Center

Maximizing the Laser Tag Opportunity in a Family Entertainment Center

Winning with a Standalone Laser Tag Center

Winning with a Standalone Laser Tag Center

Standing out in the crowd: Laser Tag in Theme Parks

Standing out in the Crowd: Laser Tag in Theme Parks

Operation Strategies

Attracting more customers to your laser tag center

Attracting More Customers to Your Laser Tag Center

The impact of repacking games on catchment area and income

The Impact of Repacking Games on Catchment Area and Income

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