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Business Development Managers

Shane Zimmerman - United States VIP Sales
Shane Zimmerman

North America

Alberto Diaz - Mexico VIP Sales
Alberto Diaz

South America & EMEA

Geordyn Zile
Geordyn Zile

United Kingdom

Brendan Challies
Brendan Challies


Jean-Pierre Guillard - France VIP Sales

France and Belgium

Jason He - China VIP Sales
Jason He


Tobias Vollstuber
Tobias Vollstuber


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Customer Support and Resources


        Support: Equipment Support and Helpdesk (Zendesk).


        Training: How to use and repair the equipment (Coassemble).


        Game Reports: Report on daily/weekly/monthly bases.

        Equipment Diagnostics: Real-time reports on equipment Status.

        Parts Ordering: Order Parts online.

Marketing and Business

        Photos and Videos: Use for Marketing Content.

        Membership Card Templates: PDF files that you can modify

        Business Forms: General Laser Tag business forms

        Website Template: Free WordPress template

        Social Media Content: Pre-formatted Social Media Content

        Graphic Templates: Pre-formatted project file that you can adapt