Getting your laser Tag Business Started

This guide will show you the basics to start your laser tag business.


We can help design a unique playing arena layout during the early stages of planning. Besides, this includes the optimal positioning of equipment rooms, briefing areas, membership areas, repair rooms, and the playing arena itself.

Furthermore, with over 400 laser tag arena designs, our in-house designers are happy to share their industry experience and deliver you a customized 3D arena design based on your floor plans.

So, contact one of our Salespeople today to find out more about an arena design to suit your situation!


Once you are ready to start building your laser tag arena, Delta Strike will provide a detailed pre-installation document outlining the detail of how to prepare your site for your laser tag installation.

This document is full of diagrams and drawings. It is designed to be handed out to your electrician, builder, and other contractors so that all parties have a full understanding of who is providing what services and when.


One of our trained and qualified Installations technicians will install your system and train your team.

Delta Strike’s uses easy to understand computer-based training modules to train and certify your staff. They will learn how to:
1) Operate the equipment
2) Process the laser tag games and
3) Fix the equipment if a fault occurs.

While on-site, we will coordinate all training sessions and this can include anywhere from 1 to 100 staff members as required.

If you wish to train new staff (or re-train existing staff) Delta Strike can provide free online training to your team at any stage in the future.


Hit the ground running with our professionally-designed and proven laser tag brand identity.

Delta Strike has created a stunning brand identity. More importantly, templates for this (valued more than USD 1,000) are available free of charge with a system purchase.

You are provided templates in a format most graphic designers can use so you can adjust them to suit your business requirements.


Any efficient and profitable business needs SYSTEMS!

As a Delta Strike customer, you will have access to a wide range of system documents specifically designed for the laser tag industry.

These forms have been developed and refined over years of running laser tag operations.

You can also take these forms and adapt them to suit your business – 90% of the work has been done for you!


Delta Strike provides a briefing video that explains the basic operations of the Delta Strike phaser packs and outlines the standard safety points.


As a Delta Strike customer, you will have access to our easy-to-use support portal.

Besides, ordering parts is a quick and simple process. Our online catalog lists all system components, complete with photos, part numbers, and prices.

And you will also find equipment manuals, training & maintenance videos.


To sum up, Delta Strike equipment carries a 2-year manufacturer’s parts replacement warranty on products with a defect in material and quality under normal operating conditions. Hence, this warranty includes phaser cases, internal electronics, vests, base stations, and software.

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