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Unlock the Future of Entertainment

A truly Immersive Mixed Reality Experience Unlike Any Other

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Boost your revenue with augmented reality

Are you ready to refresh your entertainment business with the augmented reality (AR) revolution sweeping the US?

We will convert your empty space into a 5-Star immersive experience with cutting-edge hardware, award-winning family-friendly content, and end-to-end support to help attract new audiences and delight the social-media generation!

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Expanding the World of Augmented Reality

Unlocking Boundless Possibilities in AR Innovation

Guests of all ages enjoy an unforgettable family-friendly adventure weaving through an interactive story land filled with animals, riddles, and secrets to uncover, challenging the mind and stimulating the senses.

Cutting-edge science and cognitive techniques merge to reveal your hidden potential! Cast spells at 3 variations of moving targets, all with varying difficulties to hit and corresponding point values. Race against the clock to destroy the targets needed to advance to the next round!

Embark on a holographic odyssey through our solar system and experience the thrill of space exploration in a new and innovative way, inspiring a greater appreciation for the vastness and beauty of our universe.

An exclusive cutting-edge glimpse into the future of  holographic art.  Quiz based game play invites you to guess whether each piece of art you are looking at was created by a legendary traditional artist, a modern day digital artist, or generative AI model.

Immerse yourself in a captivating, Family-friendly adventure as you navigate through an interactive storyland. Pet reindeer, decorate holographic trees, perfect your aim with snowballs at moving targets, and even catch a glimpse of Santa!

Explore Primal Ranch, a family-friendly augmented reality experience. Encounter lifelike holographic dinosaurs, join fossil digs, and guide dinosaurs through virtual challenges. Watch baby dinosaurs hatch and embark on a prehistoric adventure at Primal Ranch, where history comes to life!

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