Membership is enticing and compelling.
More importantly, it encourages repeat business – read on…..

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How Membership Works


Laser Tag Membership Software

It’s the competition that makes membership work. It starts when a player realizes that their friend has access to all the extras…. extra weapons, extra upgrades and extra games.

So the profit cycle begins. That Player is inspired to join by Membership. They join, have a game and realize they will need more points to get access to the really good extras. More games required!

It’s that ongoing competition that ensures repeat business for you as the owner/operator. The Membership leader-board keeps Members in touch with who has the most points.
You can further fuel that repeat business by advertising special members nights and releasing special games on a regular basis.


RFID Membership Cards

Members receive a membership card which stores their user information such as in-game nickname, credits and experience points earned.

Earn Credits By Playing More

Credits are a direct translation of the points earned while playing games. The better the member gets, the more points they will earn each time they play – which gives them an incentive to purchase more games. Points are earned by tagging other players or completing special objectives within the games.


Members login to a computer or tablet in the foyer or reception area and set up their profile for their next game. If customers have access to the venue’s Wi-Fi connection, they can also access the membership software on their own tablet or smartphone. Then, they simply swipe the card on their phaser before the game and they are logged in and using the profile they set up earlier.

Encourage a Profit Cycle

Weapons and power-ups have a limited number of uses, meaning members must play regularly to purchase more in-game advantages. This creates a constant objective for the customer, and a profit cycle for the business.

Membership is Viral Marketing

Once members sign up at their local laser tag venue, their friends start to notice the benefits and cool features they have access to. Their friends sign up, and the membership base grows rapidly.

Profit Cycle

The majority of laser tag income is made during the weekends. The weekday profits can be topped up with extra income from a growing base of enthusiastic members who will visit your location regularly.

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