Delta Portal

The DeltaPortal is essential for owners who are not at their Centre every day.
You can log-in from anywhere and get detailed and customizable reports on
the condition of your equipment as well as statistics on games being played.

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A faulty phaser pack is lost income. This is why Delta Strike created the Equipment Diagnostics Module. This module uses stat st cal operational data to warn of potent al equipment issues. Up to date graphs, tables and graphics provide invaluable in-sites into you laser tag operations.

Login and you will see a list of all equipment at your Centre. If there are anomalies with a specific phaser pack, the system will present what the possible faults could be as well as the corresponding solutions.

Get to know:

  • How often each pack is being used
  • Communication issues on packs
  • Suspected faulty parts
  • Repeated faults
  • Suggested actions to take to remedy faults and prevent downtime


Get to know exactly how many games are played on a daily, weekly of monthly basis.

Operational Reports allows you to create customizable reports detailing what game types were played, how players were in that game and what time the game started and finished etc.

This module provides detailed in-site into your business operations – perfect for market ng and staff scheduling.


A common problem with many laser tag companies is not having spare parts when a phaser pack becomes faulty. If it can’t be fixed, it won’t be earning money!

The Delta-Portal has a Spare Parts module that allows you to order spare parts from anywhere… in the repair room, at reception or even from home!

The Spare Parts Module also has an “Inventory Mode”. Here your staff can enter quantities of spare parts in your repair room and once completed an auto-order will be generated against a recommended minimum quantities. Final adjustments can be made manually as required.

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