Laser Tag Software

Laser Tag Software

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Game Control Suite

The DeltaWare software suite is a total game control package that is run from a web browser. That means no resource-intensive software to slow the computer down! This software is optimized to run our commercial laser tag systems and mobile setups alike.

The software suite automates everything from:

  • Activation of the Phaser packs
  • Music auto-start
  • Interactive Game events
  • Haze or fog machines activated
  • Game progress announcements
  • Music auto-stop
  • Phaser Packs are deactivated
  • Players are notified to return
  • Auto Score sheet printing
  • Live Score Display (monitors)
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Portal Software

Want to know exactly what is happening at your center when you’re not there? As the owner, you can log into the software and get detailed equipment reports, games statistics, parts ordering, and much more.
  • Operational Reports
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Spare Parts Ordering
  • Training Section
  • The Support Knowledgebase
  • Resource Downloads
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Laser Tag Membership System

When a player realizes their fellow laser tag friend has access to extra weapons, extra upgrades, and extra games, they want them too – and so the profit cycle begins. The only way for players to gain access to these extras is from playing more games – it’s that ongoing competition that ensures repeat business for you as the owner/operator. As an owner/operator, you can further fuel that repeats business by advertising special members’ nights and releasing special games on a regular basis. Learn More


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