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Portal Software

Portal Software

Login from anywhere and get access to:

Delta Strike Operational Reports

Operational Reports

This module provides detailed insight into your business operations – perfect for marketing and staff scheduling.

Get to know exactly how many games are played on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Diagnostic Reports

Allows you to get detailed and customizable reports on the condition of your equipment with suggestions on what could be causing faults.

Delta Strike Diagnostic Reports
Delta Strike Spare Parts Ordering

Spare Parts Ordering

You can now order spare parts from the Delta Strike Portal.

In fact when you login you can create an inventory of the spare parts you have at your centre and the S/W will automatically suggest the spare parts it suggests you should order.

The Support Knowledgebase

The on-line knowledge base covers a wide variety of issues and common repair jobs. With step-by-step fixes and many instructional videos, the knowledge base is the first step in solving any maintenance issues.

Operators and staff can follow along with instructions, and then contact our support staff if they still have concerns.

Delta Strike Support Knowledgebase
Delta Strike Resource Downloads

Resource Downloads

Hit the ground running!

Before your center even opens you can start getting marketing and business systems content up and running.

You will have access to all of our shared media, including briefing videos, game instruction videos, promotional videos, photoshop templates, promotional photos, and various operational forms and templates.

Delta Strike Brochure Graphic


Check out the full line of Delta Strike Laser Tag gear. This brochure goes into great depth about each product and aspect of the business.

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