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Laser Tag Equipment


Built incredibly tough and feature rich

Meet the Delta Strike Phaser. These phasers are the pillar of our laser tag equipment systems. We build our systems with the professional laser tag business in mind. These phasers are built to withstand the beating of repetitive play while also providing an unforgettable in-game experiencce.

Delta Strike Phaser Gun
  1. Rubber nozzle
    Rubber protects players from getting hurt and equipment from being damaged
  2. Hand sensor
    Ensures players keep both hands on the phaser to activate it for safety (optional)
  3. Buttons (pro system only)
    Button 1: Change weapon type
    Button 2: Multi Function
  4. Optical Trigger
    Optical Sensor there are no contacts to wear out ensuring for long life operation
  5. High impact case
    Injection molded polycarbonate for lightweight superior strength (3 x ABS toughness)
Delta Strike Phaser Gun
  1. Multibeam spread
    1) Narrow beam for long distance
    2) Wide angle for short range (shotgun)
  2. Front speaker
    Designed to send a strong phaser sound toward the targeted player
  3. Membership (pro system only)
    Members can log-in to their phaser using their RFID card
  4. Vibration feedback
    Players feel vibration feedback directly from the phaser casing
  5. WIFI
    Wifi provides real time scoring, in game powerups and fast game turn-around.
  6. LCD screen
    The lcd graphic display shows the player information about the current game, weapon, shield and points levels. It also illuminates with the players team color.
  7. Rear Speaker
    Provides gaming messages throughout the game to give feedback and help immerse players in the game.
Delta Strike Phaser Gun

With this many features, players can now experience similar game-play as expected from modern video games. Games this immersive encourage repeat visits.

Evolution FEC Evolution PRO
Semi-Transparent Casing Green Checkmark Green Checkmark
Internal LED Lighting Green Checkmark Green Checkmark
Team Colors 3 9
Game Modes 9 28+
Compatible with all Arena Components Green Checkmark
Narrow & Wide Infrared Modes Green Checkmark
Buttons to Change Weapon Mode Green Checkmark
Membership Upgrade Compatible Green Checkmark
Game Editor Access Green Checkmark

VIP Phasers

Delta Strike VIP Phaser

Players wanted a special Phaser that would set them apart – particularly the birthday children and not surprisingly, the groom on his stag night. The VIP Phasers were introduced in 2016 and have proved to be wildly popular.

Apart from looking very different, these phasers can be programmed to have their own customised sounds and weapons. The customized sounds can lead to some hilarious reactions when activated.

The Vest

Delays in vesting up players can severely impact business profitability. This vest was designed for quick easy-on, easy-off operations – especially important for large groups of players.

Delta Strike Vest
  1. Multi-beam spread
    Phasers fire both narrow angle for long distance weapon simulation or wide angle short range for blaster (shotgun) style simulation.
  2. Leather vest
    The vest is designed to be highly durable, and resistant to odor build-up common in synthetic based vests.
  3. Adjustable straps
    The waist straps suit customers of all ages and sizes, and allow for quick-release to reduce game turnaround times.
  4. Phaser hose
    Phasers are connected to the vest via a robust, reinforced rubber hose. The internal wires use a non-clamping system to prevent crimping damage and unplugging issues common in other systems.
  • Polycarbonate body sensors
    Extremely durable, injection molded shells are tough enough to be driven over by a car and designed to keep clear areas from scratching.
  • Dazzling multicolor LED’s
    An array of leds that flash, fade and pulse in brilliant patterns and colors for stunning visual effects. Up to 9 selectable team colors.
Delta Strike Multi-Beam Spread

“The plastics are tough as nails and the vests still look like they just rolled out of production! Of course my customers love it almost as much as I do!”
Ryan McQuillen, Operator since 1995: AIRMAxx Trampoline Parks, USA

Vest Charging Cabinets

Turn the Briefing room into a stunning Light Display!

Delta Strike Charging Station

These wall-mounted cabinets look fantastic with back-lit front panels that change color to provide a slick, subdued lighting effect – not too bright, not too dull, perfect for setting a mood – almost like a movie set.

  • Intelligent Chargers
  • Wall-Mounted Cabinets
  • Stunning Light Display

Delta Strike’s intelligent chargers change color depending on the charge state. (A great reminder to plug in packs at the end of the day.) Your operators will instantly know that all the packs are charging, ensuring your packs are always ready for the next day.

The aluminium wall-mount cabinet also houses the wiring, plugs and lighting control boards. Keeps your briefing room safe and looking great.

Delta Strike Brochure Graphic


Check out the full line of Delta Strike Laser Tag gear. This brochure goes into great depth about each product and aspect of the business.

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