Vest Mounts

The Smartest Looking Way to Store Your Equipment

When you aren’t using your equipment, you will want it to be stored safely whilst displaying it in an attractive manner as customers are briefed on how to use it.

A single Delta Strike vest mount unit

Single Delta Strike laser tag vest mount unit

We supply our customers with as many vest mounts as they need. The cabinet features rich LED-lighting, with many different colors modes on them. Set your vesting room to the center’s colors, or special event colors depending on the day! The lights can pulse, fade, strobe, flash and more.

The charger itself has LED lighting as well, this gives operators an indication of how charge each vest and phaser is. The charging cable plugs into the vest easily, and lights up the sensors on the vest!

Delta Strike Vest Mounts charging 24 laser tag phasers

Delta Strike vest mounts charging a row of 24 laser tag phasers 

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