Arena Intelligence Modules

Delta Strike are please to announce a new range of arena intelligence Modules

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HEX Base Station

Delta Strike is delighted to announce the arrival of the new Hex Base Station.

With 12 individual light panels – all capable of dimming, strobing and changing color, these units span 26.7inches (680mm) from arm to arm and are designed to be noticed!

The Wall mounted “Hex” Base Stations take over from Delta Strike’s previous Acrylic Base Station for a very good reason. They are brighter, louder, bigger and provide more game-play interactivity.

In fact, each arm can be tagged individually providing a game-within-a-game functionality. For instance, for 20 seconds players are challenged to tag each arm as they flash on and off randomly. Each successful hit providing additional points. This kind of functionality is particularly important to help entertain smaller groups in the Arena.

Other Standard game-play functionality includes Power-ups, respawn stations, time bombs, base station capture games.


Energy Gates use high-intensity light beams to create illuminated walkways. Players can walk through and be tagged or receive power-ups. The energy gate can even be tagged to set a trap for the opposing team.


The new Smart Targets are wall-mounted modules that communicate via Wifi with the Gaming Software. Depending on the game being played they have many modes of operation including:

  • Bonus point target mode
  • Ammunition re-fill station mode
  • Time bomb mode


Wall Targets are designed to expand your arena’s interactivity and are a recommended addition to other Arena Intelligence Modules like base stations and Energy Gates.


A smart target can be connected to our Constellation which is a series of 12 to 18 small light targets that can be dotted around the playing arena, or to decorate points of interest such as decorative props. Players must find and tag them with their phaser in order to earn their reward, or to advance to the next stage of a story-driven game.


A smart target can also be configured as a laser tripwire, which can be paired with a haze or fog machine to display laser beams across two or more points. Players must move carefully around the laser beams to avoid being tagged. This mini-game challenge is another feature that will have players competing not just against other players, but also against the arena itself.

Micro Targets

The Micro Target is one of the most important additions to the Arena range.
Yes – they are small and simple, however, when 20 to 40 of these Targets are installed into the arena, the fun really begins. Players can now earn extra points by tagging a micro target whenever they see one. Different colors represent different points.
Availability can vary from game to game or even during the game itself.

Micro Targets also provide fantastic fun for smaller groups – it’s player versus player versus Arena!

Why You Need Arena Components

  • checkCreate dynamic lighting with mysterious ambiance
  • checkDesigned for very easy, and fast changing
  • checkAbility to deliver many more game styles
  • checkMore for customers to do when there are less people playing
  • checkA more mysterious arena
  • checkGreater profits through repeat business

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