Laser Tag Arena Components

Interactive Laser Tag Arena Components

Delta Strike’s arena components are a great addition to your laser tag arena. Packed with interactive features, they can do almost anything you can think of. Standard uses include being tagged to give players power ups, tagging players out, respawning players, being captured to a team color, and more! Our laser tag arena components give games an extra level of interactivity. It makes laser tag games play just like computer games!

Base Stations

Interactive Laser Tag Arena Component: Delta Strike Base Station

Base Control

In certain games, players can tag the base station and capture it. It will change to their team color and can earn points for the team.

Upgrades and Power-Ups

The base can be set to give players shield or weapon upgrades. It can also give other bonus power-ups, all when a player tags it when it is lit up.

More Features

Bases can be used to tag players, give power-ups and upgrades, activate external devices, and more!

Energy Gates

Interactive Laser Tag Arena Component: Delta Strike Energy Gate


The energy gate will cycle between Green (safe) mode and Red (tag player) mode. Players can tag the gate to switch it to safe mode and pass through.

Respawn Point

The energy gate can be used as a respawn point in certain games, like our popular Zombies game.

More Features

Energy Gates can be used to give players power-ups and upgrades, play sounds and voice messages. They can also tag players, respawn players, activate external devices, and more!

Wall Targets

Interactive Arena Component: Delta Strike Wall Target

Supply Station

The wall target can be used to replenish ammunition stocks for certain game types. It can also provide upgraded weapons, shields and power-ups.

Bonus Points and more

The target can be set up to give players bonus points, power-ups, shield upgrades etc. In the game ‘One Shot’ it can give the player Double Shield for a short time.

More Features

Targets can be used to activate third-party props in your arena, as well as set off audio and voice messages, and power other lighting devices.

Laser Shooters

Interactive Arena Component: Delta Strike Laser Shooter


The Laser Turret is a device that can be mounted onto walls, props and features within the arena. When the laser beam sounds a warning, players know the turret is about to tag them. With certain games, players can also fire back to disable the Laser Turret.(We recommend using in combination with a haze machine for optimal visibility.)


Prop Interactivity Kit

Interactive Arena Component: Prop Interactivity Kit

The Prop Interactivity Kit will bring your prop to life. Centers often use props such as rockets, generators, UFOs, dragons or similar.

Interactivity kits can control:

  • Lighting
  • Animatronics
  • Lasers, relay and     more

(Note: alien prop not included)

Crystal Lighting

Interactive Arena Component: Delta Strike Crystal Light

Using high tech LED lights to provide a stunning arena ambiance, these crystals light up with bright colors that can flash, dissolve, dim & strobe between colors.

They can provide information to players during a game. For example, the crystal lights surrounding a base station will illuminate to give players a hint on where to find the base station. They will also light up with the captured teams’ color in certain games.


Interactive Arena Component: Delta Strike Spotlight

Delta Strike’s spotlights are used to project colored light and can be used to light up walls, props and other features in the laser tag arena.

They can flash, dissolve, dim and strobe between colors, all depending on what is happening in the game.

(We recommend using in combination with a haze machine for optimal visibility.)

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