Our Reliable Laser Tag System is Easy to Repair


Technician at work

Laser tag arenas can be tough environments. Phasers and vests get smashed against walls, dropped on the floor, sweated on, given the “tug of war” treatment, and are sometimes even vandalised.

We have worked very hard to build a reliable laser tag system that is extremely tough. However, there is no system on the planet that is invincible. At some stage equipment will need to be fixed and Delta Strike have gone all-out to make repairs as easy as possible for your staff.

Plug & Play part, which is easily unplugged

Plug & Play Spare Parts

All of the electronic components for the Delta Strike equipment are modular. If a component is no longer working, unplug it and plug in a new one. Quick and simple. Your staff do not have to be experienced technicians to help fix equipment. In fact, we insist no soldering should be applied to Delta Strike’s equipment during servicing.

Circuit Board with labels

Labelled Circuit Boards

If you unplug more than one part, you will need to know which plug goes where. Delta Strike label all the sockets on the circuit boards. Our sockets also have a locator tag ensuring they can only plug back in one direction. Staff can now unplug virtually every module within the phaser and vest and then re-assemble back to working order fast and easy!

Have a question for us about equipment repairs?

Technician at work

Any Staff Member Can Repair

We have designed our equipment so anyone can fix it. If your staff are common sense people then train them up! When you buy a system from Delta Strike, we recommend allowing us the time to provide service training to everyone that is going to be working with the equipment.

A maintenance and a repair manual

Maintenance & Repair Manuals

Delta Strike repair manuals are designed for non-technical people to use and include diagrams, repair tips and common fault diagnoses. Delta Strike’s Phaser phaser displays also provide error messages for commonly occurring faults such as cable disconnections.

Phaser, Arena Component and Software communicate wireless

Wireless Updates

When Delta Strike provide Software upgrades, you don’t have to open every phaser or arena component. Simply download the latest update and apply it!

Delta Strike Support

Delta Strike Support

Delta Strike Support is available by Skype and telephone for urgent matters, or e-mail for non-urgent requirements. Delta Strike provides a 24 hour help-line to not only get you started, but also to provide ongoing assistance and support.

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