Fastest Throughput

Maximize Throughput, Maximize Profits

The bulk of your profits are made on your busiest days, as they say: “make hay while the sun shines!”. We have worked very hard on creating systems that will get as many people through your doors as possible.

Customer Flow in a Laser Tag Center

Hand pressing button

Automated Equipment

Delta Strike’s system is the world’s most automated system available. The operator simply pushes the game button on the remote and then start button, the system does the rest: start game, start music, activate smoke machine, game announcements, print scores, stop music, display score screen, and more!

Vest Changing

Vests Are Easy To Change

Delta Strike has worked with clothing designers to create a leather vest which players intuitively know how to put on and take off. Very fast and very effective!

Color Palette

Auto Color Select

Vest colors can be selected at the push of a single button – greatly decreasing the time to sort groups into teams. (The traditional selection of players can still be used if desired)

WiFi device

WiFi Game Control

Every single vest is activated & de-activated using wi-fi modems, all at the same time. This is much faster than infrared systems that can only activate one vest at a time.

Game symbols

Easy To Play Games

Delta Strike has created a default game for your busiest days: point-and-shoot-tag. It’s simple to set up, and makes for faster throughput. Note: A variety of complex games are also available for center members.

Score screen

Fast Score Download

Delta Strike’s system uploads the scores via wi-fi so that by the time the players have taken off their vests, their score sheets are already being printed.

Laser tag Boy

Events and Announcements

Delta Strike’s event base software can automatically broadcast announcements over the sound system such as count-downs to the end of the game. This works exceedingly well at migrating players toward the vesting room encouraging quicker game turnarounds.

Customer Flow in a laser tag center
Let’s talk about maximising player throughput at your laser tag center:

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