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Business Tools  is our center to download free, invaluable documents and information about setting up, and operating a laser tag business.

These documents have been compiled after years of extensive laser tag, and entertainment industry research.

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Getting Started

Ebook on Secrets to Success
Six success factors for a winning
laser tag center

This report has been created for both existing Laser Tag businesses as well as those looking at setting up a new centre. This includes detailed topics that will influence owners and provide suggestions to maximize your success.

Ebook on steps to creating your laser tag
An insider's guide to creating a winning laser tag center

If you are in the early stages of creating a laser tag business, this article gives you a list of the most important factors; where to locate your business, which services to include, how much to spend on the centre. We recommend you read this article along with our “Secrets to Success” article.

Equipment and Products

Product Brochure
Product Brochure

View our product brochure in PDF format. This 33 page brochure provides excellent details on our equipment & software as well as helpful information on setting up your new business. Feel free to print the brochure to read later.

Types of Centers

Ebook on Family Entertainment Centers
Maximizing the laser tag opportunity in a family entertainment center

Family Entertainment Centers and laser tag are a great match. Get to know which kind of customers visit FECs and what they want and expect from their laser tag games. This article also details what owners should look for when they choose a system for an FEC center.

Ebook on Standalone Centers
Winning with a stand alone
laser tag center

Stand Alone centers rely almost entirely on the laser tag for their source of income, but this can be very risky. This article provides great information on how to lower the risk. Get to know who your important customers are, and learn how to provide them with a service that keeps them coming back time and time again.

Ebook on Theme Parks and Laser Tag
Standing out in the crowd
''laser tag in theme parks''

A Theme Park Laser Tag attraction has very specific requirements. This article details what they are, how to add them and why they are so crucial for on-going success.

Operation Strategies

Ebook on increasing your catchment area
Attracting more customers to your
laser tag center

Doubling a laser tags catchment area can greatly increase the customer base. This article details an incredibly valuable technique in how to increase your center’s catchment area and increase your profit! Click the icon
to read now.

Ebook on the Impact of Repacking Games on Catchment Area and Income
The impact of repacking games on catchment area and income

Packaging your games differently can increase your catchment area and income. Learn how to utilize discounted combo packages for multiple games,  and reduce game turnaround and changeover times.