What is Vestless Laser Tag Equipment

What is Vestless Laser Tag Equipment?

When it comes to laser tag equipment classifications, it’s easy to get confused! The differences between laser tag equipment may not always be apparent. It can be challenging to navigate through the options and figure out the right choice for you. If you’ve found yourself wondering what vestless laser tag equipment is and how it might differ from other laser tag equipment, we’re here to help!

Each option has its pros and cons, and there are different business models associated with each one. Understanding the key differences between classifications and associated business models is vital when researching the right option for you.

Before we go into what is vestless laser tag equipment, let’s take a quick look at the three main types of laser tag equipment:

  1. Tactical
  2. Mobile
  3. Traditional

Exploring different types of laser tag equipment



Traditional indoor laser tag equipment is what you’re likely most familiar with. Unlike vestless laser tag equipment, it includes vests. It’s generally a family-friendly option, typically seen in indoor entertainment centers.

Traditional laser tag usually involves a highly themed interactive arena, making it more immersive. The target market tends to range between 6-14 years old. Some arenas go up to customers in their 20s, depending on themes. There is a lot of room for creativity with traditional laser tag equipment, especially in designing arenas and experiences, and that level of investment tends to pay off.

What is Vestless Laser Tag Equipment?

laser tag playersTraditional laser tag equipment business model

The business model for traditional laser tag equipment has a tradeoff. You’re looking at higher start-up costs to cover the building and arena theme, which can range between 300 – 350K USD.

However, the initial investment is offset by higher annual sales, varying between 12 – 15K+ USD per vest per year. The highest performers in the marketplace generally see annual revenue between 800 – 1MM a year in laser tag revenue.

Overall, you’ll see a solid ROI with traditional laser tag equipment in about 12-16 months. It’s a fun option for birthdays, family trips, schools, churches, and corporate events. 

tatical laser tag equipmentTactical

Tactical consists of vestless laser tag equipment. Tactical competes with paintball clientele, opting for vestless laser tag equipment and more realistic equipment types overall. 

Instead of a themed arena, tactical is usually outdoors and has a more militaristic play style.

Demographics-wise, vestless laser tag tends to attract teens and video game players in their 20s. Unlike other laser tag types, large groups such as schools, churches, and corporations tend to shy away due to its realistic style being too close for comfort. 

Tactical laser tag equipment business model

There’s generally a lower entry barrier when it comes to vestless laser tag, making it an attractive investment. Cost-wise, you’re looking at a 40K mobile set-up. However, the low entry cost typically yields lower sales, with annual sales revenue ranging between  4 – 8K/year. Overall, the revenue isn’t as substantial compared to other models, making it a less lucrative investment.

If you’re thinking about the vestless laser tag and its ROI timeline, it’s a longer one than others, so it’s crucial to go into the investment with realistic expectations. The other issue to consider is that the tactical optics aren’t always suitable for large groups, leading to a lowered amount of revenue comparatively. Depending on the general attitude of guns in locations, it might not be a popular choice.

mobile laser tag equipmentHybrid Mobile

Hybrid mobile is a vestless laser tag but as a mobile option. The vestless laser tag equipment is delivered to your door, making it a great option for home birthday parties.

Hybrid mobile is also a versatile vestless laser tag option. It’s family-friendly, so it’s a great option for birthdays. It’s also prevalent for fairs and festivals, corporate outings, and school events.

Hybrid Mobile business model

This is a vestless laser tag model that has a lot of potentials. Against tactical and traditional, Hybrid Mobile has the lowest initial investment. You’re looking at about 30K for equipment (with truck and trailer costing extra). However, the sales are on par with tactical, ranging between 4 – 8K/phaser per year.

When it comes to the Hybrid Mobile classification, it’s a middle ground of sorts between tactical and traditional. It has a lower initial investment, and there’s more opportunity to recover faster. However, compared to traditional laser tag equipment, the potential to earn with Hybrid Mobile isn’t as high.

When thinking about what is vestless laser tag equipment, it’s crucial to remember that there isn’t just one classification type. As we’ve explored in this article, each classification has its pros and cons, and the business models are variable. 

Whether you decide to go for vestless laser tag or traditional laser tag, doing your research and knowing the price points for investment and revenue can help you make more informed decisions. Not sure about vestless laser tag equipment? Get in touch with us today to learn more and see if it’s the right investment for you.