What is Laser Tag?

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Laser tag is a live-action sport, a combination of paintball and video games. Players enter a laser tag arena, armed with their laser tag phaser and vest. Players can be divided into teams or sent out on their own. The objective? Shoot the opposing players with your laser tag gun, and score the most points. There are many different game modes available, but at its core, laser tag follows our five elements as below.

The Player

Laser tag game players wear a vest with a phaser gun attached. When the player pulls the trigger, an infrared signal from the phaser is emitted. The aim of the laser game is to “tag” the other team, this is done by aiming at the other players vests.

As a center operator, most of your customers will be children aged 6-12, coming in to celebrate birthdays with their friends. As such, we have designed our product for ease of use and quick turnover- resulting in maximised profits for you!

Phaser Gun and Vest

To understand the laser tag game, it is important to know about the equipment (laser tag guns and vests.). The vests are illuminated with different colors to indicate what team that player belongs to.

When the other player is tagged, their gun deactivates for a set time period. During this time the lights on the vest go out (or dim) and the phaser no longer operates. The gun and vest re-activate after a set time (anywhere from 3 to 12 seconds.)

Laser tag phaser and vest, Delta Strike Revolution Pro series
Because your main customer-base will be young children, we have designed our Evolution phasers to ensure that they are the lightest laser tagging gun on the market!

The Arena

Laser tag Games are played in a specially built arena which vary in size from:

  • 150 sq.m (small) to
  • 450 sq.m (medium) to
  • 700 sq.m plus (large!)

In the standard game groups are split into two teams, although there are several other game styles.

The Game

This is where the answer to the question “what is laser tag” starts to become a bit clearer. A laser tagging game only needs two players, although most people prefer more than 6 players. The larger arenas can accommodate larger groups with some centers catering for 40 plus players at a time. Depending on the centre, a game can last anywhere from:

  • 7 to 8 minutes (short game)
  • 10 to 12 minutes (average)
  • 20 minutes or more (enthusiast players and members)


Over the years laser tag game has become more advanced – to cater for technically savvy children and young adults. These enhancements add more game depth and excitement and are designed to entice players to come back on a regular basis. These include:

  • Membership
  • Arena Components
  • Different Game Styles

In conclusion, we hope this answers the question “What is laser tag?” If you wish to find out more about the Delta Strike range of laser tag equipment – feel free to contact us.