At Delta Strike, we have been sitting in a number of conference calls and meetings with industry partners, trade associations, and operator-led discussions. From this, we’ve put together some recommendations that we feel will help our specific industry start operating in most markets as the initial phases roll out.


  • Sanitizing Packs

    • Currently, a CDC recommended treatment is the best way for sanitizing vests.
    • Space games out further to allow adequate time to sanitize the packs and arena.
    • Create a system so guests and staff know which vests have been sanitized.
      • A great example would be to take advantage of the LED lights on your vesting rack. Using the LED remote you can change the color of the vesting racks to show your guests which vests are ready to use. You could use green for sanitized and red for dirty. (Shout out to one of our awesome customers who let us know about this idea!)

  • Social Distancing Brief/Vesting Room

    • Place hand sanitizer at the entrance to the vesting room and the arena.
    • Use the outside Scoreboard monitor for the briefing video rather than bringing guests into the room.
    • We have updated our briefing videos to highlight social distancing during gameplay. We have also created QR codes for the videos; You can offer the codes at your facility to allow more the customers to watch the briefing video on their phones allowing you to have more control over social distancing in your briefing and vesting area.
      • These QR codes can be found in the download section of your portal or scan the QR code next to this.


    • Include 5 – 6 ft of separation between players as part of the rules in the video and make sure your staff is strictly enforcing this.
    • Bring smaller groups of people into the vesting room and allow them to vest up and go into the arena. Place marks on the floor 6’ apart for people to stand while waiting on the other players to join.
    • At the end of the game, have players return to the marks in the arena and hand their vests back to a staff member for sanitizing.
  • Use scheduled game times rather than queue lines.


  • Implement disposable receipts/tickets or an item that can be easily sanitized like a plastic chip or token.


We will continue our research and bring more suggestions to this post when we have them. We would love to hear any additional thoughts or creative ideas you’re implementing!