3 Keys to Laser Tag Success in Theme Parks

3 Keys to Laser Tag Success in Theme Parks

3 Keys to Laser Tag Success in Theme Parks

  Laser tag is traditionally thought as an advanced game of tag. Although its original design in the early 80’s was that exactly, the game has evolved. Over the years laser tag has taken advantage of technology advancements such as prop integrations, laser developments, lighting technologies, etc… Which has opened up many different game types that give a great gaming experience, but also high throughput and profitability for their operators. people playing laser tag   Now, theme park attractions are based on throughput. Customers literally stand in lines for hours to see the latest and greatest roller coaster or adrenaline rush fix. The faster the lines move the more success the attraction has.   Historically, Laser Tag systems simply could not provide the throughput required by Theme Parks. However, recent technological advances have transformed the speed and efficiency with which visitors to Laser Tag attractions can be processed. Dreamworld in Australia, Six Flags in Mexico, and Ocean Park in Hong Kong introduced Laser Tag to the theme park sector in conjunction with Delta Strike. All the attractions were resoundingly successful.  

If you are considering replacing an attraction or adding laser tag to your theme park, here’s what you need to know to make sure it’s a home run.


1.The Equipment

  The laser tag equipment needs to have several characteristics to fit the needs of a theme park attraction.  
  1. Automation- the games or attraction needs to be able to be easily automated with a robust remote system or program.
  2. Fast score downloads- laser tag guests want to know how they did, and they want to know fast. The software needs to be able to provide this.
  3. Easy to handle equipment- no instruction manuals or complicated directions are needed to have a good experience.

2.The Arena Design

  Arena designs need to have some form of flow to them. Most of the time traditional arenas won’t work as well as a thought out plan for extremely high throughput on a consistent basis. You can see some of those examples in our white paper: Standing out In the Crowd, Laser Tag in Theme Parks.  

3.Interactive Components

  Theme park laser tag needs to be different. The experience needs to be laser tag on a whole new level. Interactive arena components provide that difference. A variety of prop styles will really spice up your laser tag arena. You can see some of our arena components here.
  • Custom interactive prop kits
  • Energy gates
  • Laser shooters
  • Base stations
  • Custom lighting


Offering visitors an unforgettable journey is only part of the solution for a Theme Park Laser Tag attraction. For Theme Park operators, customer throughput is the number one consideration when determining an attraction’s viability. We have developed several strategies for implementing a variety of styles that thrive in the theme park environment for the best laser tag experience.   Head over to the educational section of our website to learn more about the foundations of running a successful laser tag business and bringing an unforgettable gaming experience to your business.  
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