Laser Tag Efficiency

Automation in laser tag equates directly to profits

The faster you can turn games around, the more money you will make in an hour.

Delta Strike’s system has been designed to bring as many people through your doors as possible.

It’s all about through-put.

image Laser Tag Efficiency

Automated Equipment

Our system is highly automated. Push the start button on the remote and the system does the rest: start the game, start the music, activate the smoke machine, game announcements, print scores, stop music, display score screen and more!

Vests are Quick to change

Our easy to use vest design means staff spend less time explaining how to use it, resulting in quicker turnaround time.

Auto colour Select

Vest colours are automatically allocated at the push of a button – Ensuring less time is wasted sorting groups into teams. (The manual selection of players colours is optional)

Radio Game Control

Vests are collectively activated & deactivated using RF modems (Wi-Fi). This is much faster than infrared systems (which only activate one vest at a time).

Easy to Play Games

As well as our advanced games, we have created a default game for your busiest days: basic point-and-shoot tag for speed and simplicity.

Fast Score Download

Delta Strike’s system uploads the scores wirelessly (RF) so that, by the time the players have taken off their vests, their score sheets are already being printed.

Automatic Countdown

Our software can automatically play announcements over the sound system, including countdowns to the end of the game. This encourages players to move back to the vesting room and ensure quicker game turnarounds.

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