Why Delta Strike?

Why Delta Strike? We are no stranger to competition. If you’re looking at laser tag equipment for your business, you have come to the right place. Delta Strike was created by owner/operators just like you. We know what consumers want and we know how to deliver it.

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Best Professional Laser Tag Equipment

Delta Strike has the most advanced laser tag equipment for your business. We released the Genesis in 2020 included amazing features as a selfie camera, wireless charging, LCD touch screen, haptic vibrators, more than 100 led’s, and more.

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We're with you from Start to Finish

Selecting the best laser tag equipment is only one of the many pieces to the puzzle. Our team is here to consult you through the whole process of building your project the right way.

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High Efficiency = Higher Profits

Our easy laser tag equipment was designed for your staff to spend less time explaining how to use it.

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Equipment Reliability

Our easy to use vest design means staff spends less time explaining how to use it, resulting in quicker turnaround time.

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We have over 450 customers around the world with our amazing products with Fastest ROI.
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Contact our Laser Tag Experts to Advice on your project:

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