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Delta Strike has been an amazing vendor of ours, and I highly recommend working with them. Not just that the quality of the equipment is superb, but if something does break down – they promptly take care of it. Their customer service is very personalized and responsive, which is not commonly found in this industry.

Joyce Frohman
Founder and CEO of FunDimension

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Laser Tag can get you earning income with as low as $80,000 start-up costs! When compared, this is less than a quarter of the cost to set up most bowling, trampoline, or karting businesses.

Delta Strike has been developing laser tag products for business for almost 20 years. Delivering high-quality products, amazing reliability, with more than 450 customers worldwide.

Laser Tag offers one of the fastest ROI’s in the family entertainment industry. With revenues ranging from $95 to over $200 per square foot, it is hard to find a comparable attraction!

Yes! With the help of our numerous online support & training resources, you will be able to fix any minor issue yourself. In the unlikely event, you are unable to resolve an issue. Our 24-hour support technicians are just a call away.

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Shane Zimmerman
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