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Laser Tag and Business Insurance

Laser Tag and Business Insurance

Your Business safe with SafePark USA

SafePark’s insurance advisers take a personal approach to understanding the challenges and opportunities facing our client partners. Understanding what makes your facility and operations unique, gives us a distinct advantage over most traditional insurance providers.
We stay current with industry trends, regulations, and emerging risks. SafePark’s insurance programs are crafted with careful attention to detail, including coverage enhancements and pricing flexibility not found in most standard policies.

About SafePark USA

SafePark USA is an insurance and risk management partner to the family entertainment and greater amusement industry. Founded in 2012, our process is driven by the belief that each customer interaction is an opportunity to share insight, gain knowledge, and build trust. Just as our name indicates, we specialize in educating and providing our clients with resources to keep their businesses “safely on track”.

SafePark’s dedicated team of advisers and support personnel have years of industry experience. We are participating and active members in regional, national, and international trade associations. Drawing from the legacy and experience of our parent company HAWK Advisers, we understand what it means to give back to our community and clients. SafePark has the distinct pleasure to work with the industry’s top consultants, suppliers, manufactures and trainers. Our industry partners are an extension of the SafePark family. We collaborate and engage routinely in an effort to deliver a best in class experience to the FEC community.

SafePark USA Insurance
Laser Tag Supplier

Genesis Laser Tag Gear

IAAPA 2019 Winner

We’ve hit that fine balance again – a sci-fi style laser tag equipment!

Our Genesis laser tag equipment is still lightweight at only 6.1 lbs (less than three kilos), and it feels balanced and comfortable in the hands of players.


The Genesis Equipment

The Phaser
The Phaser
The most advanced phaser in the industry.
The Vest
The Vest
The jacket style is comfortable, lightweight, and intuitive to wear.
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
No more cables breaking, save time and money.