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Laser Tag and Carpet Supplier for Business

Laser Tag and Laser Tag Carpets

Get your Laser Tag Carpet done with Flagship Carpets

Flagship Carpets was started over 40 years ago. Flagship Carpets manufactures carpet in Northwest Georgia, also known as the “Carpet Capital of the World.” We are family operated and combine years of carpet manufacturing experience with the most innovative carpet printing technology in the world, made in the U.S.A.

Flooring Solutions for Every Space
To organize, enhance, encourage, compliment, coordinate, or brighten any 21st-century learning environment including early learning, common areas, media centers, libraries, waiting rooms, and office/administrative space.

Custom Design and Logo Programs
If you can dream it, Flagship can print it on carpet. Whether a wall to wall nature scene, custom color pallets to match any architectural and design plan, or a school district logo proudly positioned in a new board of education or public meeting place, Flagship Carpets is your source for custom design and logo flooring.

Manufacturer Direct
Flagship Carpets is the only supplier of educational carpets that is manufactured direct. One campus in Calhoun, Georgia to centralize yarn prep, tufting, weaving, dyeing, printing, cutting, serging, warehousing, and distribution. We dropship directly to your customer, NO MIDDLE MAN, and simply the best margins in the business!

Flagship Carpets
Laser Tag Supplier

Genesis Laser Tag Gear

IAAPA 2019 Winner

We’ve hit that fine balance again – a sci-fi style laser tag equipment!

Our Genesis laser tag equipment is still lightweight at only 6.1 lbs (less than three kilos), and it feels balanced and comfortable in the hands of players.


The Genesis Equipment

The Phaser
The Phaser
The most advanced phaser in the industry.
The Vest
The Vest
The jacket style is comfortable, lightweight, and intuitive to wear.
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
No more cables breaking, save time and money.