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Laser Tag and Family Entertainment Products Business

Family Entertainment Products

Build your Family Entertainment with Amusement Products

With over 60 years as a manufacturer, operator, builder, and supplier to the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) industry, we continually improve our products and services to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

As a leading manufacturer of a wide selection of immersive award-winning FEC attractions, we have introduced many innovations that have forever changed the industry.

About Amusement Products

Electric Go-Karts

The features, versatility, control, and performance of our ThunderVolt Electric Go-Karts will put you leaps ahead of the competition. Powered by the award-winning innovative ThunderVolt Electric Operating System, our electric karts provide the most immersive racing experience available to your customers and the most cost-efficient operation of your track.

Bumper Cars Amusement Products

We introduced IAAPA’s Best New FEC Attraction, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, to family entertainment centers in 2008. The reactionary bump sensors on these bumper cars increased the level of competition in bumper car arenas and increased repeat business and ROI like no other bumper car attraction in history.

Miniature Golf

Our 60+ years of experience in the miniature golf business has shown us that the modern course must include water, elevation changes, an element of skill and an element of fun. By combining skill and fun with the Championship System courses, our expertly designed miniature golf courses not only draw your customers in once but keep them coming back! Visit our Championship Miniature Golf website for complete information.

Lazer Fury

Lazer Fury 360 is an electric laser attack vehicle that is operator controlled. An IAAPA Best New Product award winner, the Fury car moves 360 degrees horizontally and vertically around the arena. While maneuvering around the arena, the driver can shoot at other riders or at targets on the wall and ceiling to score points.

Pitching Machines & Cages

Our Ultimate Trainer 3000 is the most advanced, money making baseball and softball pitching machine available today. The versatility of the machine has enabled our customers to generate more money from each pitching machine while also decreasing the need for larger cages. Also check out our indoor and outdoor Range-Pro Batting Cages and Range-Pro Retrieval Systems.

VR Arenas

Amusement Products is a proud partner and exclusive distributor of Inowize’s 4-Player and 6-Player VR Arenas to FECs throughout North America. Amazing gameplay and stunning graphics of multiple games will keep customers immersed and engaged. Increase throughput by 50% with the 6-player arena in the same space that most 4-player arenas occupy!

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Laser Tag Supplier

Genesis Laser Tag Gear

IAAPA 2019 Winner

We’ve hit that fine balance again – a sci-fi style laser tag equipment!

Our Genesis laser tag equipment is still lightweight at only 6.1 lbs (less than three kilos), and it feels balanced and comfortable in the hands of players.


The Genesis Equipment

The Phaser
The Phaser
The most advanced phaser in the industry.
The Vest
The Vest
The jacket style is comfortable, lightweight, and intuitive to wear.
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
No more cables breaking, save time and money.