Laser Tag Remote Control

The fastest laser tag remote control on the planet

Games can be started and stopped using the Game Control software. This can make it difficult for staff to interact naturally with your customers though. Delta Strike recognized that the remote control played a very important role in ensuring fast player through-put.

We wanted a laser tag remote control that could process all of the games without having to go back to the computer all the time, while being simple to use for new staff and operators.

Simple 3 Step Operation

Step 1

Operator presses “Sleep All.” The players then pull the trigger on their phaser. They are now ready to be assigned to a game.

Step 2

Operator presses “Game” and then a number to set a game mode. The phasers and vests will automatically be assigned team colors.

Step 3

Operator presses “Start Game” and the game begins. These simple steps are printed on the remote as well!

This is the perfect remote

The Delta Strike laser tag remote control combines Wi-Fi and Infrared technology to provide the most efficient and effective laser tag remote control on the market. Look at these features:

Delta Strike Laser Tag Remote Control

Infrared Emitter

Sweep across players to change colors and reset packs very quickly.

Graphic Display

Provides game information and extra menus to the operator.

Dedicated Function Buttons

For fast operations such as: change color, reset, start/stop game & more.

Programmable Buttons

Functions include: change game type, single-handed mode, friendly fire, extra colors & more.

Wi-Fi Compatible

Wireless communication with the main computer.

Plus these other great features!

  • Reset phasers
  • Change vest colors (9 available)
  • Add a player to an existing game
  • Activate single handed mode
  • Activate friendly fire mode
  • Start and stop games
  • Change the type of the game
  • Display score for the current game
  • Display time left for current game
  • And more!

Girl with Delta Strike laser tag equipment

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Boy with Delta Strike laser tag equipment

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