Mobile Laser Tag System

  • Increase your income – take laser tag to your customers
  • Extremely portable – just load it in your own vehicle
  • Dual emitters mean you can play inside and out
  • Auto-charging holsters- Fast charging with no cables or plugs

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Mobile Command Station

Delta Strike’s Mobile Command Station delivers a flexible laser tag system with a punch! Every aspect of the design has been carefully researched with ease of use and automation in mind.

Scoreboard Screen

Animated score screen displays game scores to friends and family during the game.

Charging Status Panel

Easily see the battery charge level of all phasers and the remote control without opening the doors!

Charging Holsters

Phasers are full charged in 4-5 hours, and deliver 10-12 hours gameplay – that’s without factoring that phasers can be charged between games!

Wi-Fi Game Control

Communicates with the main computer and remote control wirelessly for easy game control

Game Software

Delta Strike’s integrated game management software controls and displays game operations.

Wireless Phasers

Mobile phasers communicate wirelessly and operate without a typical laser tag vest.

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Mobile Laser Tag Brochure

Construction & Mobility

Constructed from aluminium, the Command Station is strong, light and looks fantastic! When fully closed, the Command Station will house the standard mobile system which includes: twelve wireless phasers, one remote control, game control software license, wireless access-point, spare parts kit and two speakers.

The Mobile Command Station is designed for easy transport, maximum mobility, and measures 36″ x 19″ x 27″ / 91cm x 48cm x 68cm.

Closed Mobile Command Station

Additional Features

To extend the game experience, consider some of our optional extras below:

Battery-operated target

Battery-Operated Target

Adds two extra games and enhances existing games with special power-ups and bonus points. With screw holes, a hook and rubber feet, targets can be hung, mounted or set on a surface for an easy addition to your system – anywhere!

Add-on Case holding up to 8 extra phasers

Extra Phasers & Add-on case

More people, more fun! Designed to store and charge up to 8 extra phasers – a smaller version of the Command Station to increase your revenue.

Orange VIP phaser for Laser Tag Systems

Special VIP Phaser

Make your VIP guests feel special, with an orange phaser that features special sound effects and extra in-game abilities.

Additional Access Point & Remote Control

Spare Access Point & Remote Control

Backup access points and remote controls are not essential, but are nice to have to ensure gameplay is not disrupted in the unlikely event of any system issues.