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Delta Strike Laser tag equipment is the product of years of extensive research and operator knowledge within the laser entertainment industry. We have found that the key to having the best laser tag system is delivering a fantastic game experience, reliable equipment made from highest quality materials, user friendly design and the ability to put games through faster than any other systems available. Delta Strike strives to continuously improve upon every aspect of what we do so that operators and users alike can enjoy the best experience from the most profitable equipment in the world. Our laser tag system is the perfect addition to entertainment centres that may already include ten-pin bowling, arcade games, kart racing and other entertainment attractions. Our range of equipment is enjoyed in every continent across the globe (except Antarctica…for now!), at theme parks, family entertainment centres, and standalone laser tag venues. Take a look at our range, and discover why Delta Strike delivers the best laser tag equipment in the world.

laser tag equipment

Revolution Pro

The Revolution Pro is our flagship laser tag equipment. It has a great balanced feel, and looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie or video game!

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laser tag system: Revolution Pro phaser

Evolution Pro

The Evolution Pro is the newest addition to the Delta Strike laser tag equipment range. It has the same great features as the Revolution, in an even slicker outer case with inner lighting.

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Laser tag gun: Evolution Pro phaser

Evolution FEC

The Evolution FEC is our simplified version of the Evolution Pro, for the budget-conscious. The FEC laser tag system is a popular choice for independent Family Entertainment Centers.

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Evolution FEC phaser

Delta Strike Laser tag equipment comparison

PRO Evolution PRO laser tag equipment Evolution FEC
Larger black casing with access

to all features

Smaller transparent case with internal LED lighting and access to all features Smaller transparent case with internal LED lighting and simple features
The Look
 Sci fi, serious  Sci fi, other world Sci fi, other world
Target Age Group
6+ years, early teens 6+ years 6+ years
Target Market
 Stand-alone centres and FECs  Stand-alone centres and FECs  FECs
Plastic Body
 Black plastic  Semi-transparent gray Semi-transparent gray
Internal LED Lights
laser tag equipment feature    
LCD Display
Callsign, score, messages,

shield level, weapon choice

Callsign, score, messages,

shield level, weapon choice

Callsign, Score, Messages
Extra Weapons
Reload Weapon
Extra Game Buttons
 2   2  
Wide Angle Infrared
Teams (colors)
 9  9  3
Arena Components
 Compatible with all  Compatible with all  Compatible with Base Stations
Sound Editing
Number of Game Types
 20+   20+  8
Game Editing
Membership Option
 460mm (18”)  370mm (14.5”)  370mm (14.5”)

Laser tag gun Phaser Size ComparisonSize Comparison

The Delta Strike Evolution and Revolution phasers, compared to scale to give an accurate lending of the difference in physical size. Delta Strike ensures a realistic experience using a variety of laser tag equipment.




Laser tag Vest

The leather vest interacts during game play, illuminating with dazzling colours which flash, dissolve and rotate – wow factor like no other.

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Evolution Pro Phaser


Remote Control


Laser Tag Vest Mounts

Laser tag guns

Delta Strike provides the most reliable laser tag equipment. Our laser tag guns are made of the most durable material on the Earth. All our guns are intelligent and they can withstand in any type of working environments.

Price: All our
Price: We provide

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