Verse Holographic Theater

Verse Holographic Theater

Verse Immersive: the world’s only Holographic Theater (AR) aimed at attracting new customers to your arcade, entertainment business center, or museum.

XD Theater

Activate Space

Turn any area into a revenue generator

360 Dome - XD Theater
  • Flexible install allows for experiences to fit in 800 to 8,000 sqft
  • No physical buildout required

High Throughput

Quickly realize a positive ROI by maximizing players per hour

High Throughput AR

While comparable attractions are limited to 2-4 people at a time, Verse theaters are constrained only by the number of headsets and 20×20 sections. Even 1200 sqft could comfortably fit 20 concurrent players

Existing Titles

Diverse content library offers something for everyone

7D XD Theater
  • While most FECs have no shortage of games for small children and young boys to run around and get sweaty, there IS a shortage of offerings that appeal to the rest of the family and date-night millennials.  
  • Gamified magic casting, Escape room style quests, futuristic art exhibits, and much more ensures that Verse delights all ages

Mobile Experience

Empower your visitors to boost organic marketing

Mobile AR The Verse

By scanning a QR code on their mobile device, patrons can take pictures of each other with holograms.


Unique value-add for parties and buyouts

Verse Group Players attending

With a short training we can empower your staff to quickly add company logos, birthday announcements, or similar messages in scene

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