World Of Laser Tag Games

Delta Strike provides an entire World of Laser Tag games with our systems. This includes a standard release of 26+ laser tag games, including Free-for all games, Team games, and Objective-based games. Taking inspiration from modern video games, our team are always thinking about new interactive game modes. The system also includes the most in-depth game creation software seen in the laser tag industry, so the possibilities in creating your own games are truly endless!

New laser tag game gladiators

For every 600 points players they earn, they will level-up to a new color with a stronger shield, and upgraded fire rate. Players must be careful though – as they will lose points for being tagged, so they must stay on top of their game to maintain the highest level!

New laser tag game Graffiti

Players capture an arena component by tagging it once and switching it to their team color. Earn points every second for having components controlled by your team. The team that controls the most components for the longest time will be the winner!

New laser tag game sharpshooter

Use your sharp shooting eye to take out the most opponents in this skill-testing game. Equipped with the XR Energy rifle, players attempt to score tags on opponents shoulder sensors, which are worth much more points than a tag on the front or back sensor.

Want to learn more about these games?

Laser tag game Delta Tag
Delta Tag

The classic Delta Strike laser tag game. Two or more teams battle it out to score the most points. Multiple weapons and a personal shield ensure the laser tag game remains challenging, while the power-ups and bonus points up for grabs keep players on their toes.

Laser Tag Game Free for All
Free for All

No teams! As an individual player, you are pitting yourself against all others in the arena. Sharpen your reaction times, increase your accuracy and work on your evasion tactics. Score the most points to come out as the winner.

Laser Tag Game Agents

The most popular non-linear laser tag game currently on offer from Delta Strike, Agents is just like playing tag, but in reverse! Players battle to capture the ‘intelligence’, a power that will give them points for every second it is theirs, until they are tagged and the power is taken from them.

Laser Tag Game Ammo Tag
Ammo Tag

Delta Tag with a tactical flair. Just like the name suggests, Ammunition Tag uses Delta Strike’s Ammunition-based weapons. Players have to manage their ammunition levels, both in their weapon’s magazines, and their total ammunition levels.

Laser Tag Game Zombie

Delta Strike’s own version of the classic “infection” laser tag game, Zombie takes the battle of good versus evil to a whole new level. The uninfected must fight off the zombies before they can spread, while the zombies seek to zombie-fy everyone in the arena.

Laser Tag Game Delta One Shot
Delta One Shot

Watch out, your shields are turned off! Tag players on opposing teams just once to disable them, while avoiding being tagged yourself. Like Delta Tag, multiple weapons, power-ups and bonus points make this an ultra dynamic game.

Laser Tag Game Hunter

Ever wanted to be a sniper? This free-for-all based laser game focuses on stealth and marksmanship over more traditional styles. Armed with a high damage, slow firing weapon, players must track each other down, and eliminate them with the first shot, least the sound of the shot attract other hunters.

Laser Tag Game Territories

The remake of Delta Strike’s older base capture game, Territories has players battling to defend base stations and the surrounding area. Laser tag game points are gained for every second your team holds a base station after capturing it, and the more base stations your team holds, the more points you get.

Plus more
+Plus More

This is just a handful of our laser tag games selection. There are many more Team/Free for All variants, as well as new games being developed by our team. With our creator software, you can also create endless possibilities of new games (see below.)

Create Your Own Laser Tag Games

With Delta Strike’s software you can clone existing games, edit them and then create your own. The Game Editor software has a vast number of variables that can be adjusted to create laser tag games never seen before. Each laser tag game has its own unique story-board.

Buttons in the Game Creator

Selection of Game Manuals

Game Play Instructions

Delta Strike provides a World of Games Manual. These sheets can be laminated and provided to members in folders so players can familiarise themselves with upcoming laser tag games. This can also be edited to include your own custom games, or for you to translate into a different local language.

One of the many reasons we choose to go with Delta Strike’s Revolution product was the system is very customisable. We can create new weapons, new laser tag games and then make these available to our Members; It’s a very powerful system.

Lost Space Lasergame