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Solution to a problem: As an owner you cannot be at your business all day, every day. You often rely on staff to run and operate your business for you. How will you know what is happening?

The Web Portal – Login remotely and see what is happening anywhere, anytime.

Operational Reports

Information is power and this module provides in depth statistics on the games being played within your center. Get to know:

  • The number of players per hour, day, week, month and year at your center
  • Reports that compare statistics over different time periods.
  • Graphs that analyze customer attendance trends.
  • The proportion of your customers who are members vs non members.
  • Games operations status, live from your center.
Pie chart showing member count in relation to non-members
Bar chart showing players per hour

Head Office Facilities

If you own more than one center, this module is ideal. You can now check on multiple centers remotely. Access to these reports can be assigned to other key people in your business. As the administrator you select what they can and can’t access.

Auto Email Reports

Receive automated emails including statistical lists and graphs, on both Gaming Operations and Equipment Diagnostics.

Equipment Diagnostics Report
Equipment Diagnostics

If a single phaser pack is not operating, you can lose significant income. This is where Equipment Diagnostics comes in, emailing automated reports, with easy to read information.

  • The proportion of phasers being charged
  • How often the phaser has been used.
  • Identifies phaser packs with on-going faults.
  • RF communications – signal strength of phasers and arena components.

You will receive two reports:

  1. A single page overview - as shown on left
  2. A more detailed report identifying packs that may require servicing, as well as operational suggestions

Owner using internet access to communicate with web portal that communicates via internet sync with the laser tag computer software

Icon for email marketing
Email Marketing

Specific content to specific groups at the right time. Here’s how it works:

Database: The Email Marketing tool uses your member database, which stores member information – gaming statistics, user-name, birth-date, email address and many other details.

Filters: Using filters, you can create specific customer groups for targeted communication with your customers. Filters can be saved and used at any stage.

Email Templates: Once your filter is ready, an email template, designed to appeal to your filtered group, can be created.

Scheduler: With your filter and template ready to go, the Scheduler completes your task. Emails can be sent immediately or can be scheduled or triggered by a specific event. For example:

  • 10 days after a new member is created (Welcome letter)
  • 100 days since they last played (“Missing you” letter)
  • 30 days before their next birthday (Birthday special)
  • 30 days before their membership expires

You are only limited by your imagination!

Note: The Email Marketing module is a third party project

Spare Parts Order App

When spare parts run out, the equipment stops working! One phaser down can cost you significantly in lost income.

Many centers were experiencing problems when it came to systemizing their parts ordering process.

Delta Strike’s Spare Parts Ordering App simplifies everything by prompting the user throughout the stocktake process.

Compatible with computers, tablets or smartphones, the app shows pictures of each part, the minimum stock level required for your center and how many need to be ordered.

Before an order is placed, the app asks for an order password. Once ordered, the Delta Strike Web Portal is immediately updated and parts are scheduled for delivery.

Smartphone showing the Delta Strike spare parts ordering app

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