Laser Tag Membership Software

Impossible For Frequent Players To Resist

Members are able to develop their own personal character, complete with avatar, weapon profiles, and a shopping menu. They will earn points for each game they play. They can use their points on weapons, upgrades & attachments through the membership kiosk, and use them in upcoming games.

Membership is interactive, high-tech and impossible for frequent players to resist! Most importantly, membership encourages repeat business for your center.

Screenshot of Members kiosk

Laser Tag Membership Cards

These are the size of credit cards and allow members to log on to both their phaser as well as the members kiosk. Delta Strike uses membership cards (also known as RFID cards) that can be printed onto, providing an excellent medium for advertising.

Membership Log-In with member cards
Boy with Delta Strike laser tag equipment
Members earn points every time they play

At the beginning of a game, the Member logs onto their phaser by swiping their membership card on the login logo. Their player name will be displayed on the phaser screen and they will have access to weapons they have equipped from the Members Kiosk.

Members earn points every time they tag another player, shoot targets, or complete game objectives.

Members Kiosk on a mobile device
Buy more weapons, become more powerful

Members can log onto the members touch screen kiosk. Using the points they earned during a game, they can purchase extra weapons and extra attachments. Next time they play a game, they can use these weapons and attachments.

Before a Member can get access to more weapons they need to play more games. Weapons “wear down” with each use to ensure a continuous purchase cycle.

Ready to get access to our membership software?

Membership profit cycle

Membership makes money, it's a beautiful thing!

Weekends are usually the busiest times of the week. As such we recommend that membership is aimed to be used during the weekdays. This ensures:

  1. Games are kept simple during your busy weekends
  2. Members come in during quiet weekdays

Once Members have earned enough points, they can use them to pay for virtual weapons, attachments, upgrades and more during game-play.

The most important thing for you as the laser tag owner is that it provides a brilliant mechanism to increase the Monday to Friday income. We call this the icing on the cake income!

Charts explaining advantages of membership

How Players Access Membership

Members Kiosk on a tablet or PC
Tablet or PC Kiosk

Tablets are a very new and exciting technology. As such, they ideal for members to access their profiles. Delta Strike’s Membership software is designed specifically to utilize the wonderfully popular swipe and touch tablet interface.

Tablets are also well suited to business operators as they are far cheaper than a full computer system. They are also lower maintenance and easy to install.

The kiosk is of course still suitable for use on a PC if required.

Membership kiosk on a smartphone
iPhone & other Smartphones

Imagine this, you get 12 members coming into your center and they all want to use the membership kiosks all at once. Solution: The smart phone.

Once your members are inside your center, they connect to your local Wi-Fi, log into their membership using their username and password and they are in! They can now configure their profile for the next game directly from their iPhone or smart phone.

Boy sitting in front of his computer, accessing Delta Strike members kiosk
Membership from Home!

Members can access their membership details from home by logging into the center’s website. Your members will be able to directly access their membership screen and view their game statistics as well as the ‘best player’ statistics and more.

And even better, they can configure from home how their phaser will operate next time they play. Next time they arrive at your center to play a members game, they simply logon to a phaser and it’s already configured to go!

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