Game Styles

Delta Strike delivers many exciting game types to deliver maxim fun to your customers.
Using basic (well known and intuitive) games is a good way to reduce game setup time as they take less time to explain.

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40+ Game Styles

Some of the most exciting laser tag games on the planet!
On your busiest days, we would recommend easy games that are quick to learn and easy to play.
For special events and members nights, crank-up some of the hugely popular strategy games.


Level up by scoring points to gain stonger shields and weapons. Be careful, because you will be demoted if you lost points!


Tag arena components to capture them for your team. Earn points for each second they are under your teams control.


Test your aim in this mode where the smallest sensors - the shoulders, are worth more points for tagging than all other sensors.


The classic laser tag game where two or more teams battle it out and tag opposing players to score points. The team with the most points is the winner at the end of the game time.


Players try their luck on their own against all of their friends. May the best player win!


Capture and keep the intelligence to earn points over time, and stop other players from stealing it from you!


Players phasers use virtual ammunition. Remember to keep an eye on your ammo and reload in time!


Avoid being infected by the Zombies as they attempt to convert all humans to the undead side!


Capture and protect the base stations to earn points for every second that they are under your teams control.

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