Game Editor

The DeltaWare software suite is a total game control package that is run from a web browser.
That means no resource-intensive software to slow the computer down.

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countless options for operators

The Game Editor offers countless options for operators to create their own custom weapons, power-ups and
game modes. The pro level system comes with over 30 game modes by default, but with the game creator an
unlimited number of games can be created.


Custom game modes are highly marketable, and provide the variety and interest required
to earn and retain repeat customers.


Create a fully customized weapon with a variety of setting changes such as damage given, fire rate etc. Game mode too easy? Send in a player with a super weapon and get the other players to team up to bring them down. There could even be a setting where the player who takes them down gets the super weapon for themselves.


Powerups are modifiers of the base player settings. If you want a specific player to have better shield level, faster respawn or increased fire rate - create a powerup to modify their settings. Powerups are given to players from their battlesuit settings, and can also be awarded for a short time period during a game for actions such as tagging a base station.


Adjust the shield level, respawn rate, and choose which weapons and powerups the players will have for each game. These settings are often adjusted finely for tuning the gameplay balance.

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