Our Laser Tag Games are Just Like Computer Games

Players Will Recognize Many Similarities With Popular Video Games

The computer game industry is absolutely thriving. The budgets behind many computer games are regularly exceeding budgets for box office movies!

We asked ourselves, “What is it that makes these games so exciting and compelling? and considered how we can use these elements into a laser tag game.

Video game heroes

Elements of a Laser Tag Game

Heads Up Display showing name
Your Own Name

Most computer games allow players to have their own character name. Delta Strike phasers also offer this feature. As a member you can create your own character name and this will be uploaded to the phaser.

Heads up display showing laser tag messages
Laser Tag Game Messages

During the game the info panel will provide players with helpful information and tips. It can alternate between displaying the game type, and real-time messages such as ‘Tagged by Player 2’ or ‘Hypershield active: 30 seconds.’

Heads up display showing extra weapons
Extra Weapons

Another common element in most games is that as a player earns points, they can purchase extra weapons and abilities to use in game. Laser tag games have never had this feature- until now! Check out our membership.

Heads up display showing Shield

In the vast majority of laser tag games, when a player has been tagged once, that’s it! Their phaser immediately de-activates for 10 seconds, then re-activates and on they go. With computer games it takes 3 or 4 hits before they are tagged. 

Delta Strike laser tag equipment emulates this operation wonderfully. Players have a shield which reduces every time a player is hit. If they are hit enough times, their weapon de-activates. (The shield can be deactivated by the laser tag game operator if desired)

Heads Up Display showing team colors
Team Colors

The LCD screen on each phaser will illuminate with color to match the vest and team color for each player. There are 9 team colors available in the PRO system!

Extra buttons on phaser
Extra Buttons

PC games use keyboards and game consoles use game controllers. Either way, players have excellent control over their game due to all the additional buttons. Delta Strike Phasers have two action buttons plus a trigger providing brilliant game play functionality.

Heads Up Display
Heads Up Display

All first person shooter PC games have an HUD (Heads Up Display). This displays detailed information on their game status such as weapon being used, shield level and more. To include this feature, Delta Strike use an LCD screen that provides the industries largest and most detailed display yet!

Members earn laser tag game points
Earn Laser Tag Game Points

Just like computer games, your members will earn points every time they play. This is such a basic but profitable addition. It keeps your regular players competing against their friends, and coming back to play again!

In-Game Music
In-Game Music

Delta Strike provides access to music tracks for 8 different moods, to play over the sound system while customers are playing their laser tag game. That’s over 60 minutes of soundtrack! Operators can also easily use their own audio files to create a truly unique and customized soundtrack.