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Always up to date

Delta Strike new Score board software is now editable. You can change the logo, the background image, the color theming, the fonts etc.
In fact, it’s not just a single page, it’s a slide show that has many pages each with their own editable content.

When you buy a system from Delta Strike it comes with five standard templates you can choose from.
Each can be adjusted and modified to suit the branding identity of your center.

The drag and drop editor, allows you to display:

  • checkScore tables and graphs
  • checkGame countdowns and information
  • checkPromotional images and videos
  • checkVideo feed from third-party cameras inside the arena
  • checkScrolling text messages
  • checkCustom backgrounds

Why the scoreboard is so important

Just like in a sports bar where gaming statistics are presented to show results between teams, the Scoreboard provides a similar function. It creates a friendly yet competitive gathering point for customers – both before and after games.
This promotes camaraderie and encourages repeat business.

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