Deltaware™ Laser Tag Software Suite


Delta Strike’s laser tag software is designed to run straight out of any major web browser. Set upcoming games, add new members and more all from Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Game Management

Controls Current Games and Displays Past Games

Screenshot of Game Management Software

Although everything in system is automated, you can still choose to control these operations from the software. Stop & start games, increase or decrease game times, print score sheets, select game types and more.

Equipment Control

Controls and Displays Phasers, Remotes and Arena Components

Screen Shot of Equipment Control Software

As phasers change mode, this information is instantly updated on the screen. You can also stop & start or change modes on the phasers if required.

If you have a question about our software, please contact us.

Game Editor

Create Your Own Laser Tag Games!

Screen Shot of Game Editor Software

Delta Strike software already comes with many well designed games. As an operator you can clone these and modify them to create your own. Using a trigger and action system, users can modify games or create brand new games from scratch. These are the deepest game creation tools ever seen in laser tag.

Weapon Editor

Create Your Own Weapons and Power-Ups

Screenshot of Weapon Editor Software

The Weapon Editor comes with a whole arsenal of different weapons such as the Arc Carbine and Ion Rifle. You can clone current weapons and modify them to create your own by varying sounds, fire rates, damage and many more characteristics within the software. You can also create brand new weapons from scratch!

Membership Management

Allows Staff to Edit, Create and Review Player Memberships

Screenshot of Membership Management Software

When a player signs up to be a member, all their details are stored and maintained on the system. You and your staff can activate members, delete them, export member lists, assign new membership cards, add points and a host of other actions.

Members Kiosk

Members Can View Their Statistics, Buy Weapons and Prepare for Games

Screenshot of Members Kiosk

The members software has been designed to run on a touch screen tablet. Players can log-in and review their statistics, purchase new weapons and configure their phasers for use in their next game. The kiosk also runs great on a regular screen as well.

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