International Enquiries for Laser Tag Equipment

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International enquiries for laser tag equipment. Whether you are ready to buy a laser tag system, or just looking for further information, we are happy to answer your questions about laser tag equipment.

You can also call our sales consultant for your location, by selecting a number from the bottom of this page.

Shane Zimmerman, Sales Consultant for the USA
Shane Zimmerman

United States & Canada

Alberto Diaz, Sales Consultant for South America
Alberto Diaz

Central & South America

Karl McCarrison, Sales Consultant for Asia & Africa
Karl McCarrison

Southeast Asia, UK & Europe, Middle East

Franziskus Schmid, Sales Consultant for Asia & Africa
Franziskus Schmid

Austria, Switzerland & Germany

Echo Li, Sales Consultant for China & Hong Kong
Echo Li

China & Hong Kong

Jean-Pierre Guillard, Sales Consultant for France & Belgium
Jean-Pierre Guillard

France & Belgium

Kerris Harvey, Sales Consultant for Middle East
Rasika Ibhad


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