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When thinking about starting your own laser tag business, or adding laser tag to your existing entertainment center, a lot of questions come up. How much (additional) space will I need? What amount of cost should I expect? To help you answer those questions, we compiled a number of estimates.

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Floor Space Estimates

These numbers can be used as an estimation of how much floor space you may need to use for various areas in your laser tag center.

They have been determined through extensive research of the industry, and from the experience of hundreds of laser tag centers. These figures are provided for an average sized facility.

Laser tag center sketch


Sq. Feet

Sq. Metre

Total Facility:

9,000 - 12,000 sq. ft

900 - 1,100 sq. m


4,500 - 6,000 sq. ft

400 - 5,600 sq. m


Sq. Feet per Vest

Sq. Metre per Vest


125 - 150 sq. ft per vest

12 - 14 sq. m per vest

Briefing Room:

8 sq. ft per vest

0.75 sq. m per vest

Vesting Room:

13 sq. ft per vest

1.2 sq. m per vest

You have a specific amount of floor space and want to know how many phaser packs are suitable for it? You know how many phaser packs you want, and need to know how much floor space is needed? Try our new Floor Space Calculator to find answers to this questions. 

Cost Estimates

These are some other considerations you will need to make for costs other than just your laser tag equipment. These numbers are averages, for an average sized facility and are calculated in US Dollars.

Laser tag center sketch




Tenant Improvements:

$10-12 /sq. ft

$110-130 /sq. m

Preparing for theming, bathroom renovations, building party rooms, etc

Second Level Structures:

$20-25 /sq. ft

$215-270 /sq. m

For wood structure

Second Level Structures:

$10-12 /sq. ft

$110-130 /sq. m

For steel structure

Professional Theming:

$16-20 /sq. ft

$170-215 /sq. m

Price is the same for briefing, vesting, and arena

Laser Tag Equipment:

$60,000 –


30 Player System, depending on features

Professional Fees:


Accountant, attorney, architect, etc.

Point of Sale:

$3,000 - 6,000

Exterior Signage:

$8,000 - 10,000

Computers and other Equipment:


Utility Deposits:


Labor Costs During Training:


Permits and Licensing:


Misc. Items:


Tools, trash cans, office supplies, etc.

Working Capital:

3 months

Lease Deposit:

2 months

The Finished Product!

Finished laser tag center
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