Free Laser Tag Arena Design

We Can Help You Design Your Laser Tag Arena!

Arena floor plan blueprint

Free Arena Design

We can create a customized arena layout for you. Simply speak with one of our experts, and email your floor plans through to us. We will create a concept in 3D to suit your building layout. This service is free to all Delta Strike customers (we ask for a small deposit to be provided in advance that will be refunded back against the purchase of a laser tag system.)

Pre-Installation Manual Pages

Pre-Installation Manual

Once you are ready to start building your laser tag arena, Delta Strike will provide you with a document outlining all the specific details on how to prepare your building for your new laser tag system.

This document is full of diagrams and drawings and is to be handed out to your electrician, builder, and other contractors. Using this, all parties will have a full understanding of who is providing what service and when.

Arena Design Layout
Ready to begin designing your arena?