Whether you are ready to buy a laser tag system or just looking for further information,
we are happy to answer your questions about laser tag equipment and laser tag businesses.



Our laser tag sales consultants are assigned by region. If you are not sure who you should get in contact with,
feel free to contact our Head Office in New Zealand on +64 3 982 9892.
You can also email us and we will pass you on to the best person to help.


Shane Zimmerman
United States & Canada

Shane was a former Executive Director of the International Laser Tag Association (ILTA.) He is passionate about the industry and, with many years of experience, he can share valuable insights and knowledge with our customers.

Alberto Diaz
Central & South America

Alberto opened the first laser tag facility in Mexico. Since then he has opened a second location and both are very successful. He brings experience and know how to help in all aspects of setting up a laser tag facility.

Karl McCarrison
Southeast Asia, UK & Europe,

Now based in Prague, Karl has spent several years with Delta Strike travelling the European and Asian continents. His efforts to develop awareness for the laser tag industry, particularly in Eastern markets have led to fantastic success in emerging markets.

Franziskus Schmid
Austria, Switzerland & Germany

Franziskus has two laser tag businesses and has been a vocal promoter of Delta Strike over the years. Easy to approach, with years of industry experience with customers and a wealth of knowledge, Franziskus has much to offer the industry.

Jean-Pierre Guillard
France and Belgium

Jean Pierre has worked in the laser tag industry for 10 years, 7 of those with Delta Strike. As he owns a laser tag facility, he knows what is required for success and has extensive knowledge to share.

Rasika Ibhad

Rasika joined Delta Strike to grow the Indian market. With 9 years Sales and Marketing experience, 6 of which was with another high-tech NZ company, Rasika has the skills and experience to bring our laser tag product to India.