Theme Park Laser Tag

Laser Tag for Theme Parks

Laser Tag for Theme Parks needs to have ZING!

Theme Park systems need to be Laser Tag on steroids. Ultra-interactive, with a high-intensity creative storyline.

Theme Parks are a specialty of Delta Strikes':

Specially Programmed Games

Game Manuals

Laser Tag for Theme Parks will usually have games that suit a theme. Delta Strike can help you create these games and stories.

These stories can have a beginning, middle, and end. They can have missions and goals for players to achieve. We will work with you to create the story-line to suit your attraction.

Ultra Interactive Arenas

Arena with Energy Gate

Use a lot of Arena components.

Delta Strike’s Revolution product is made to be ultra-interactive and your Theme Park customers will be expecting something extraordinary.

Our Arena Components can integrate with DMX lighting, haze machines as well as animatronics.

If you have a number of props, consider livening them up with our Delta Strike “Prop Interactivity Kit” – these props can then become an integrated part of the game play.

Alien laser tag shooter

A licenced character prop fully geared up with Delta Strike laser shooters

Ultra Fast Throughput of Games


The number one consideration for Theme-parks is fast throughput: putting more customers through per hour.

Delta Strike’s advanced Software and hardware systems are designed specifically to handle this. Read more »

Wondering how you could utilize Laser Tag in your theme park?

Theme Parks we have worked with:

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Dreamworld logo
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Laser tag phaser & vest

Phaser & Vest

Highly Recommended

Use of Many Highly Recommended

Prop Interactivity Kit

Prop Interactivity Kit

DMX Integration

DMX Integration

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