Standalone Laser Tag Centers

A standalone laser tag center is one where the main entertainment service is laser tag. If you are looking at setting up such a service, then the extra bells and whistles are going to be more important.

For standalone laser tag centers we highly recommend the following:


Excellent for bringing in those dedicated players during the quieter weekdays. Members earn perks and bonuses the more they play, which encourages repeat business. Click here to read about our membership system.

Membership Tablet


This will make your arena a lot more exciting and also expands the number of different games that are available to you (some more advanced games require extra arena components). If you have an exciting prop like a Robot or a Dinosaur, consider livening it up with our Delta Strike “Prop Interactivity Kit” – it can then become part of the game play. Click here to read about our arena components.

Get started on setting up your laser tag business today!



Laser tag equipment & vest

Phaser & Vest


Prop Interactivity Kit

Prop Interactivity Kit

DMX Integration

DMX Integration