Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)

FECs are multi-entertainment centers. They often provide food, arcade games, and a number of other entertainment services such as bowling, wall climbing, etc.

As such, Laser Tag service is not the main reason people go to your FEC center. There are two main groups:

Social Groups

This group will be your main income earners. They generally want a quick game of Laser Tag and then they’ll be moving onto bowling or some other activity. As such, the laser tag games needs to be quick and easy to learn.

Dedicated Players

Dedicated Players like more involved games – they are the enthusiasts. If you want to attract a local community of Dedicated Players for weekday profits – you may wish to consider expanding your systems functionality with Membership as well as extra Arena Components such as Targets and Energy Gates.

Delta Strike has the perfect game for laser tag in your Family Entertainment Center: It’s called FEC Tag. It’s simple point-and-shoot tag, the easiest game available!

Main Event Entertainment

“Thank you so much for all your help and for remaining patient and flexible with us throughout the whole Stafford opening process. Your time spent with the trainees was essential to the success of the games staff and was extremely appreciated”

AMF Bowling (M9 Laser Skirmish)

“I cannot say how happy I am. Being able to rely on my staff to be able to fault-find and fix any problem that does come up is awesome. I am telling everyone in AMF about how good everything is running and it’s quick and easy repairs.”

Epic 6 Laser Tag & Sports Arena

“We have a 30 player system (with more soon to come.) Delta Strike is an industry leader offering features that others can’t. It is the best equipment in the business, PERIOD! Come check it out for yourself.”

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